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about Alexicon Communications

Since 2003 Alexicon Communications has been helping businesses like yours grow through better marketing strategies and clearer, more focused communications with customers.

Let’s face it: The business world we live in today can be daunting. Some of your customers want to hold your brochure in their hands, but others are doing more and more business at the desktop or on the go–with smart phones, tablets, and impossibly intelligent apps. Businesses have to be responsive in more ways than ever before.

The Internet has made everyone a publisher, but not necessarily a good communicator, and certainly not a good speller, punctuator, i dotter and t crosser. So however you put your company’s message out there–whether in online communications like websites, blogs, email or social media, or print pieces like brochures, articles, direct mail or flyers–you need your messages to be clear, concise, correct and spot on.

In other words, whether you’re using tried and true tools or the newest devices, you want your messages to be clear, and you want your marketing to work. So your company can grow and flourish.

That’s where Alexicon Communications comes in.

Meet the PrincipAL

Kristin Weitzel

Kris’s love of all things writing and editing began serendipitously enough when a favorite college professor asked her to apply for an internship at a local magazine publisher. Her passion for feature writing and publishing was born, and following graduation she nurtured and grew her marketing and publications expertise in the fertile business soil of the Bayou City.

The economy in Houston was wonderfully diverse and afforded many opportunities to learn new businesses and industries, just as it does today.

Kris’s marketing and communications experience now spans nearly three decades and many industries, allowing her to develop strong skills in the oil and gas, industrial services, financial services, legal, and healthcare industries, while still branching out for fun and fulfilling projects like writing a Happy 100th Birthday article for Fisk Electric, helping Quality Service Floor Covering celebrate winning the prestigious Starnet Design Award, and creating and managing Web content for Houston radio show personalities like home improvement expert Tom Tynan and veterinarian Dr. Linda Oliva.

The best thing about her work with Alexicon has been learning about the many fascinating companies and industries that populate the rich Texas business landscape. "Listening to business owners talk about their companies and the often winding path they've taken to success is absolutely inspiring," Kris says. "So many companies in different industries and niches have a rich and interesting story to tell, and I love working to tell it in the most compelling and meaningful way possible."

Before starting Alexicon Communications in 2003, Kris worked in marketing communications and publications management roles at such companies as Invesco (financial services), Aspen Technology (modeling software for large manufacturers) and NACE International, focusing on corporate communications, brand management, sales support, proposal and presentation systems, and turnkey publications processes, as well as building strong and enduring business relationships that serve her well today.

Kris earned a B.A. in journalism with honors with a concentration in marketing and English from Baylor University. Although born and mostly raised in central Ohio, she has lived on Texas soil since high school and now calls Cypress, Texas, home. When not working or nurturing her very active teenage son, you will likely find her in the backyard doing what makes her happy: digging in the dirt or just watching her garden grow.